#AtoZ: U is for Unction

This post belongs to the #AtoZchallenge 2024, where I attempt to turn a word a day into something that can be used in Role Playing Games.

An unction can be several things: to sanctify something with a liquid, a kind of ointment (or salve), and an insincere show of emotion.

How to integrate it into your typical fantasy RPG?

  • An unction could be a cursed ointment, turing a character into a sanctimonious bigot – in game terms, a temporary alignment shift to lawful neutral (they see everyone else as flawed) or chaotic neutral (everyone else seems to be condescending).
  • An unction could work like a minor illusion if applied to lips, forehead and hands, make others see them as if they spoke with a booming voice, a halo shimmering above their head and a light emitting from them – probably granting a bonus to reaction rolls.

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