Archiv für den Monat: Oktober 2019

[Film] Geschichte der Fantasy auf Arte

Am 25.10.2019 läuft auf Arte die zweiteilige Doku „Die Geschichte der Fantasy“. Im ersten Teil geht es um die in der Fantasy dargestellten Helden, im zweiten Teilen um die Welten.

Die Geschichte der Fantasy – Mutige Helden

Die Geschichte der Fantasy – Magische Welten

Die Sendung sollte anschließend noch einige Tage in der Arte-Mediathek verfügbar sein, für diejenigen, die die Erstausstrahlung verpassen.

[Actual Play] Adventuria Open Table Chat Game, Conclusion

My Adventuria Open Table Chat Game stuttered quite heavily and did not take up full steam again, thus the long pause. After a short talk with the players, we decided to bring it to an conclusion so that it ends instead of petering out.

After having escaped the Abode of the Toad, the group went to retrieve Noggins holy axe from the ratmen. La Fleur disguised herself as rat witch, and was able to coax the necessary information out of a real rat witch. She learnt the rat champion had claimed the axe and was on its way to an ancient ruin, where it wanted to retrieve something to aid in the fight against the Frog Vampire the players had accidently waken.

After some hazzle, the group caught up with the ratmen, and tricked them into an alliance. Together they attacked the lair of the frog vampire, which the group finally defeated after an really impressive amount of good planning. The frog vampire had summoned an army of toady folk, which attacked Ansvell. The orcs, who had conquered it just the year before, took none of this, retaliated and destroyed Ansvell and the toad army inside.

That left only one obstacle, the snail demon freed because the group never finished the witches quest to gain nymph hair. Again, the group prepared, but not as well this time. They found the snail demon acted completely different than prepared, with a space-time dilution around it – making it nearly impossible to escape when close and to hit from a distance. Nonetheless, the group prevailed.

Afterwards there were congratulations and celebrations all around, and one of the witches allowed the group took look into her crystal ball to see how all of the friends and foes the group made fared.

It was a really fun campaign, with good players, and I am happy we brought it to an conclusion all in all.