#tenmonstersetting: Valley of Sorrows

The challenges you to create a mini-setting with 10 monsters, that interact with each other and can be used in play. Even though originally aimed at OSR games, I created this with monsters purely from the D&D5 Monster Manual.

Map made with Textmapper by Alex Schroeder.

The Stone Giant Euric guards the Spear of Sorrow in his monastery (05.10). His closest companion is his Blood Hawk Amal. Monk with 7 Ki: Elemental Attunement (0), Clench of the Northwind (3), Fist of Unbroken Air (2) and a Blood Hawk Familiar.

Grimlocks – inhabit the monastery, serve the stone giant and worship the Spear of Sorrows. Sometimes raid the dwarfs in (07.07) for food.

Dwarves – Mostly farmers living in (07.07). They once were supporting the dwarven strongholds at (01.05) and (08.09), but since those were destroyed, the dwarfs relapsed to subsistence farming. Other dwarves consider them cursed and shun them, which is why they remain in this forsaken valley.

Wights – The whole garrisson of the dwarven fort (08.09) starved to death when the fortress was besieged several years ago. Still, the stubborn defenders never came to rest, and as wights defend the fort to this day. They ignore the inhabitants of the dwarven village (07.07), but otherwise attack any living sentient being on sight. This grants the village some protection, and is also the reason why the former castle town was never properly looted, but also sparked rumours about a curse.

Galeb Duhr – A circle of Galb Duhr resides on (09.01). They were the original reason Euric moved here, attempting to learn their wisdom, but was continually rebuffed. Nobody living in this valley has ever spoken with them, despite Eurics yearly attempts. They are rumoured to protect a philosopher’s stone.

Giant Eagles – A pair of giant eagles nest atop (07.02).

The Azer Rakhoh works here with its apprentices, a steam mephit and a magma mephit. It attempts to fullfills its obligation to create a necklace from pure fire to be worn by a mortal, as it had agreed to when summoned. It searches for a journeyman goldsmith that can withstand the heat to help in this endeavour. This was formerly the second dwarven keep to protect the valley, but since burnt to the ground (except for the smithy). The azer is bound to this place and cannot leave before the work is finished.

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