[Actual Play] Adventuria Open Table Chat Game, 2018-08-31

After some weeks without playing, we finally continued our journey through Adventuria.

  • Roderick Clearwater (lvl 3), human rogue, 1791 XP
  • Noggin (lvl 2), Thorwalian War-Cleric of Swafnir 779 XP
  • La Fleur (lvl 3), human wizard, 1868 XP

The journey into the Finsterkamm was rather calm, nothing much happened. On their way to Hiltorp, the group saw a burnt corpse and found a tree that was strangely fallen onto a ridge nearby.

They found nothing at the tree, which seemed just a natural occurance, but when La Fleur attempted to identify any possible magic on the corpse, she was almost roasted from within.

In Hiltorp, the group found that the dwarfs speak either dwarvish or a very strong Middle Realmian accent they needed some time to get used to. They were friendly invited to stay at a local farmer, who told them a lot about the area around:

The dwarves are plagued by orcs and ‘traitors’, dwarves who do not accept the sovereignty of the king in Finsterkoppen.

A gryphon called Garafan is said to nest within the mountains. The dwarves do not particularly like him, but the church of Praios considers him holy.

The group should be careful before drinking from any of the springs in the mountains, as many were home to nymphs or other primordeal spirits. There were a couple signs they should check for:

  • Observe the spring before drinking from it. If you see animals drink from it, and the picture you see in the water looks like the animal, it should be safe.
  • Or you can try to leave a gift for possible water spirits overnight, if they are gone the next morning, you should be careful.
  • There is a place called ‘Nimmerquell’, who is rumoured to be home to a powerful nymph.

The group set out to Nimmerquell, hoping to aquire the hair they were looking for at that place. On their way, they passed the spring of the Black Svelt, where a pack of wolves drank. When looking at their mirror images, the lead wolf looked strange, and the group gave them a wide berth.

They later learnt that they had seen the nymph Nieijaa, who had a crush on red haired humans.

A little while later, Nadia found a group of dwarfs preparing an ambush. The group decided to spy on those dwarfs to learn what they were up to and learnt they were waiting for orcs whom they did not particularly trust, but  were said to bring important goods from the Rorwhed. It also turned out that one of the dwarfs had cut a locke of hair from a nymph, which had caused nothing but trouble for the dwarfs.

The group decided to ambush the ambushers, which resulted mostly in a lot of waiting. Finally, a combination of clever ideas, good luck and a high damage critical hit at the right time resulted in the dwarfs withdrawing.

I had the dwarfs roll a morale check after they had clearly witnessed magical capacity on part of the group (and owl causing an avalanche) and also Noggin impersonating a golem on his sneak attempt (OK, that was more Noggin critically failing his sneak attempt) and afterwards slaughtering one dwarf with a single hit plus Magic Fire.

Noggin managed to tame the dwarven burden rams, which carried a lot of food, and they group set out to find the nymph the dwarfs had been spoken for. This worked rather easily, again with help from Nadia the Owl.

After climbing a waterfall with a Spider Climb from La Fleur, the group finally met a very devastated nymph called Fomes of Finsterkamm, daughter of Krenä and learnt that any changes made to a nymph’s hairstyle were permanent, as nymph’s were eternal. Also changes to the nymph also change the water they live in, as was witnessed when a part of the lake started to glow after Fomes intertwined a locke from Noggin into her own hair.

The nymph asked whether they could ask Tsa how to restore her hair, and the group agreed. The next day, they returned to Lowangen where they knew of a temple of Tsa. They got an oracle in return:

What is gone, is gone, and cannot return, 
but where death lingers, live may return. 
For a new forest, the old needs to burn, 
and from beauty other beauty may return.

Thus ended this adventure, and will hopefully continue more regularly again.

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