[Actual Play] Adventuria Open Table Chat Game, 2019-05-10

  • Noggin (lvl 3), Thorwalian War-Cleric of Swafnir 1579 XP
  • Roderick Clearwater (lvl 3), human rogue, 2358 XP
  • La Fleur (lvl 3), human wizard, 2668 XP

After their escape to Lowangen, the group re-equipped and returned to the Abode of the Toad. They threw some snakes into the sacrifical pit in front of the altar to kill some toads and frogs. Afterwards, they descended the stairs once more and opened a great, verdigrised double door. Behind, scores of giant frogs and toad lived near an underground pond. The group attacked with burning oil, and hit one toad, which jumped into the pond. The other toads croaked loudedly, which awakened something: A caped figure approached the group and ordered silence. It introduced itself as Toadwart Glorious III, Count of Frogcula, and asked, which of the aspirants wanted to become a Frog Knight.

Roderick attempted an non-commital answer, but Noggin issued a challenge. Count Frogcula conjured his minions and jumped through the sacrifical pit upwards, attempting to block the way out. The group attempted to fight their way out, but fared rather badly against their foes.

I have not seen that many bad rolls in a roll from a whole group for quite some time.

Luckily, Roderick successfully created an illusion that distracted their enemies and so the badly wounded group was able to escape once more, returning to Lowangen, lamenting their lack of success.

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