[Actual Play] Adventuria Open Table Chat Game, 2019-04-12

  • Noggin (lvl 3), Thorwalian War-Cleric of Swafnir 1412 XP
  • Roderick Clearwater (lvl 3), human rogue, 2191 XP
  • La Fleur (lvl 3), human wizard, 2501 XP

After removing Roderick’s rat curse, the group decides to buy new weapons, since the old ones had been left behind during their imprisonment. They decided to go the extra mile and buy silvered weapons for their fight against the wererats, which took some time. While they waited, they met a goon of Black Jandora, who told them his group attempted to ambush some wererats outside the town, but got beaten back badly and had to seek refuge in an old temple hidden away in a sinkhole. The wererats completely avoided the temple, and only that allowed him to return home.

The group immediately decided that, whatever kept the wererats away, might be helpful in their fight against them. Without further delay, they marched toward the temple which was indeed hidden in a sinkhole.

The temple looked quite ordinary at a first glance, except for the fact it showed only pictures, statues and frescoes of frogs. A giant statue of a winged frog stood in the back. After pondering the problem for a short while, Noggin deducted that this must be a temple of Quodazil, the Black Toad. Upon hearing this name, La Fleur remembers that this is another name for Tuur-Amash, servant of Asfaloth, and patron of the evil Rorwhed witches.

Nonetheless, Noggin went forward stealing anything that was not nailed shut. Except for the alms plate attempting to eat Roderick’s mage hand, nothing stopped them. They took the gold, but left the polychromatic cinnabar behind. There were two very odd altars, one gloomy and one dank, which the group stayed well clear off.

Instead, they went down into the cellar. They broke open a door, which caused them some trouble and bathed them in fluourescent moss, making them easily visible. Behind, they found a chamber with mildewed books and some minor religious paraphernalia, as well as a second door sealed by a glowing glyph whose colours constantly changed. They chose to investigate the rest of the cellar first before opening that door.

Next stop was an orgy chamber, with mosaics showing the origin story of the bullywugs. The debauchery made even Noggin blush, and the group quickly left again, turning into another direction.

They passed some monk cells, before arriving in a further room which showed bullywug burial rites and ended in a barred door. The fact that something was barred inside the other room enticed the group to open the door. This quickly turned out to be a bad idea, as the stone slabs sealing the burial niches were kicked open with enormous might, pinning Noggin to the floor, and two toad mummies crawled out to attack

Noggins got beaten badly, and the groups weapons did not affect the mummies. Desperately, Roderick played a hurt bird to lure them off, while La Fleur attempted to tumble past them to stabilize Noggin. This worked, and the group escaped.

This was rather tense. Even though the group won initiative, Noggin failed to free himself, getting hit by two critical hits from the mummies, taking him out of the fight almost immediately. La Fleurs Chromatic Orb singed one of the mummies badly, but not lethally, while Rodericks weapons had no affect on the mummies at all. Were it not for extremely good rolls on Deception and Acrobatics, at least Noggin would have been done for.

La Fleur dragged Noggin out of the temple while Roderick led the mummies on a merry chase, finally outdistancing them on uneven ground. The group reunited and returned to Lowangen.

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