[Actual Play] Adventuria Open Table Chat Game, 2018-09-14

  • Noggin (lvl 3), Thorwalian War-Cleric of Swafnir 1062 XP
  • Roderick Clearwater (lvl 3), human rogue, 1841 XP
  • La Fleur (lvl 3), human wizard, 2151 XP
  • Hagen the Half-Elf 50 XP (lvl 1)
  • Jang-Chi (lvl 1), human monk, 283 XP

It’s been some time, but finally, the game continues!

Small recap: Last time, the group investigated a moonlighter who sells poisonous liquor to some of the employees of Black Jandora. It turned out they were prostitute, which showed typical signs of hookworm infection, but the typical remedies did not work. La Fleur found a faint aura of transmutation magic hidden in the prostitutes own auras.

They soon learnt that Perenevel was behind it, and he was even apprehended by the constabulary, but had to be released when his lawyer (Red Elgar in disguise) muscled in and intimidated the constabularies to release his client.

The group got a clue about a hidden cabin in the swamps, where the moonlighter was said to have worked. The hut turned out to be rather strange though, as if someone with to much money tried to make a hut look broken, and included a lethal trap. Once sprung, a group of wererats showed up and demanded the groups surrender.

After a fight, the group (except for La Fleur) was finally overwhelmed and taken prisoner. The wererats imprisioned them and greeted them as new recruits, soon to be blessed by the Horned Rat. Much to their surprise, the group still had all their gear except for weapons, and Roderick used a demon in a bottle to cause chaos, which the group used to flee.

They returned to Lowangen in the early morning, where they informed Black Jandora about what happened. It seems a war between Black Jandora and the disciples of the Horned Rat for control of Organized Crime in Lowangen is inevitable.

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