Open Chat Table: D&D5 Adventuria on Discord

After some planning and re-reading the adventures on my hard drive, I decided to attempt a new text-based online gaming group. I will try to establish a weekly Open Chat Table, meaning I will run an adventure every Friday, 18 to 22 Central European Time, and whoever is online, has a character ready and was not banned may participate.

Adventuria Open Table Game


Backdrop will be the Adventuria after the third orcish invasion of the Svellt River Valley, but not according to official history. As a matter of fact, I mostly will build my own Adventuria based on ideas from different sources.

Much of the destruction will remain, but instead of a powerful orc force, one will mostly find robber barons upholding something resembling rulership. The remaining orcish host and Lowangen mostly neutralize each other, leaving room for lesser powers to carve out their personal realms. The dwarfs of Tjolmar are probably the most powerful un-entangled city state remaining, but their reputation suffered for their treasonous collaboration with the orcs.

Even though the orcs never truly lost, their victories against the Garethian legions and the united Knights of Weiden and the Order of the Theatre from Bornland were phyrric. Nobody could have prevented an orcish siege of Gareth and Trallop, but the orcs worried about a counter offense from the north by the combined forces of Riva, Norbards, Nevese and Elves which would cut their supply lines and leave their troops exposed to freshly raised relief forces. After pillaging the countryside and before the first snow, the orcs retreated to the Svellt Valley instead of furthering their conquest east- and southwards.

Furthermore, both Thorwal vikings and the small kingdom of Andergast to the west seek to plunder the Orc Hoard, forcing the orcs to keep a strong military presence on their western border instead of establishing their control of the Svellt River Valley more strongly.

At the same time, civil war (between house Gareth and House Rabenmund) and the great loss of experienced fighters among the northern knights, prevent the powerful Middle Realm from any attempts to recoup its losses.

The village of Ansvell will be home to the module Lesserton & Mor.

Sibra will replace Phandalin (Lost Mine of Phandelver).

Svellmia will replace Helix (Barrowmaze).

And further dungeons and modules from different OSR publishers will be placed within the area.



Use the standard array for attributes: 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8

Passive Perception

Passive Perception is discarded, I usually describe obvious hints automatically and everything else if you mention that your character is looking for it in a specific situation.


Darkvision is downgraded to low-light vision.

Proficiencies and attribute bonus

In my experience, the attributes are often more important than a proficiency. Therefore, I want to experiment a little: You always gain your proficiency bonus when you would add your attribute bonus according to the normal rules. Your attribute bonus is only added if you are proficient. (Proficiency bonus and attribute bonus basically switch places.)

An attribute penalty is always added.


Some of the races do not exist or do not make sense in Adventuria, those will be simply considered something else without the rules for them changing.

Halflings → Considered a dwarf variant

High Elfs → Meadow Elves

Humans → Human Variants are allowed

Dragonborn → Achaz

Gnomes, Forest → Considered an elf variant

Gnomes, Rock → Considered a dwarf variant

Half-Orcs → Are considered a human variant

Tiefling → cat-people called Amaunir, rumoured to be from the fabled „Gilded Land“ and with no infernal heritage.

Death & Dismemberment

Trollsmyth’s Death & Dismemberment Table, Revamped For D&D 5E

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